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We are exploring how self-organising, made possible by social media, meets more traditional collaboration - with a focus on membership organisations, trade associations and professional bodies.  More here, and how to use the site.


How social media shifts the nature of professionalism

Bob McKee, the chief executive of CILIP - Chartered Institute of Library and information Professionals - got a roasting from Phil Bradley on a post “From the chief executive’s desk” which started:

There’s some twittering at present about whether CILIP has (or should have) any “official” presence on various lists or micro blog sites.  read more »

Why the Net changes how nonprofits must operate

   read more »

In an interview with Amy Sample Ward, Clay Shirky really pins down what any organisation relying on members or supporters for its life must do if it is to stay in business as people increasing network online. That means change for campaigning charities, trade associations, and membership bodies who may have worked in the past through a mix of newsletters, events and perhaps not very special services. If they don’t offer more value, members and supporters will stop paying their subs.

Social reporting blends online and off

Over on my blog socialreporter.com I've been exploring how a combination of journalism, facilitation and social media can help promote collaborations both online and offline. Here I've summed up How social reporters can turn old-style conferences into the new convening spaces, with links to a guide.  read more »

The challenges of membership

A seminar at NCVO's Annual conference in February 2009 looked at the future of membership. The chair of the seminar, Matthew Taylor is chief executive of the RSA, an organisation with 27,000 members. He wrote on his blog that three points particularly struck him:  read more »
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